Spy Development is a spy store for surveillance equipment, miniature UHF transmitters, covert monitoring products, concealed cameras, room and phone bugs.

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Welcome to the Spy Development ™
Your reliable source for surveillance equipment

Spy Development - surveillance and security solutions

We provide the highest quality professional surveillance equipment and security solutions that can be developed    from scratch.

Our product line includes video and audio surveillance equipment, miniature UHF transmitters also known as wireless microphones, phone line transmitters, listening devices, spy equipment, covert monitoring products, tracking equipment, counter surveillance equipment and much more.
The products feature high reliability, making them essential for professional usage, and they are available at a reasonable price.
Most of the products are represented in our online store.

We also develop custom products for specific customer needs. We offer much more than it is shown on our website.
Contact us directly if you need something specific.


Spy Development visitors ask what is the difference between a miniature UHF transmitter and a usual FM bug.
Both a UHF transmitter and an FM bug are intended to transmit voice or any other sound wirelesly to a receiver.
Working in the UHF (Ultra High Frequency) range a voice transmitter is much more efficient wireless listening device than any VHF or FM voice bug.
A UHF transmitter is much smaller in size and very lightweight, it has better sound quality, much longer reception range and many times longer standby time than any of the VHF/FM bugs.
When we talk about serious or professional usage of voice transmitter bugs, all of the above are the key advantages to choose a UHF transmitter.
The small size of a UHF spy transmitter allows it to be easily concealed anywhere and makes it hard to detect the device.

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